Akl Asm

Nsut Akl MntuMesHtp Asm lives to redefine or remember what it means to be a man, king, and god of this planet in the 21st century. A time characterized by billions of lost souls competing to accomplish nothing on behalf of huemanity. A time defined by competitions that fulfill no purposeful work steadily distracting the masses.

During this time of revelation, few are called to awaken, arise, and ascend above systems of indoctrination and cerebral enslavement. Nsut Akl Asm works as a grand architect of spiritually intellectual technology, and Minister of the Awakend Nation of Kush of Heaven 32nd Dynasty of Ancient Kmt by virtue of divine counsel and righteous deeds in these times.

Published works:

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A transparent perspective of experiences coming up in America as a Black man surviving in, and then seizing a system designed for his destruction. The quest for truth, answers, and purpose manifests a story embodying sovereignty, spirit, body, mind, cosmos, sex, religion, education, politics, law, mathematics, science, and infinite other ways to translate, transform, transfer energy into an understanding…fire cleanses…fire kills


Eye am that Eye am now being a young prodigious kng evolving from a precocious child walking in empirical knowledge according to thine own exegesis of the divine scriptures as the universe backs to front thy will and force ubiquitously across the land.

Nsut Akl MntuMesHtp Asm, warrior mind, god kng begotten of peace to secure & protect the earth for the sake of evolution of all. Dua, htp. Asé