A young scientist and scribe finds it fascinating to be observing a diversity issue in 2016.  What’s even more fun to reflect on is the stage criticized for its consistent display of contempt toward diversity.  Hollywood directs from this most compromised platform hosting the energies willing to conform to a model opposed to, well…diversity.  So, the question then becomes, how on a planet of 7.4 billion different, unique, organic, one-of-a-kind energies projected as men, women, and children can there be also an epidemic of copycats dressed exactly the same, sounding exactly the same, doing exactly the same thing, competing for the same possessions, competing for the same purpose, and ultimately sewing the same seeds to reap the same hells contending to be the best version of the real and true.  A scientist just so happened to have observed that the same hells portrayed on television and film play out in billions of people’s actual lives all day e’eryday. 

Monkey see, monkey do.  Of course, for the sake of being blatant and obvious with the scheme or just that pathetic, the Hollywood written, produced, and directed stage also presents those greatest in number and contribution upon the planet as the inferior, subservient role, and those whom actually embody the weakest, premature, and desperate as those of prominence.  Laughable and never to be considered beyond a comedic attempt at best, Hollywood‘s efforts to reluctantly come to terms with the diversity of the planet shall serve as its demise.


Again, a scientist’s initial work is to observe.  The actual demographics of the population of the planet are now observed.  The presumption is that the better theatrical production would best depict actuality or reality.  This presumption is exactly that and not a fact, because the notion of depicting reality went clear over Hollywood‘s head.  The obvious objective of this particular industry is to manipulate the population of the planet, to agitate not observe, to obstruct the natural process with the unnatural program, to blind those willing to see, to make dumb of the intellectual, or in summing it all up, to orchestrate chaos.  Once it is observed that the objective is to manufacture  dis-ease amongst the human population, there is no wonder why a certain type must be cast to take the stage. 

So, when the people of the world complain about the lack of diversity within the general theatrical expression as it regards cast, story, recognition, etc., it is clear that the actual agenda of Hollywood has not been considered.  This industry unequivocally fulfills the purpose of its conception which was never to genuinely portray the lives and loves and awesomeness of the men, women, and children of the earth, but wholly to the contrary, it is their will to impose death, hate, and fear in order to obstruct the natural course of the spiritual evolution.  No complaint from here when I observe the nominees year after year for award after award, as I most certainly could not fathom a better trick for this grand stage!  Especially if they want to be convincing 😉