About Us

FilmLit™ or a filmlit references a unique, patented design utilized to convert scripted writings into commercial products distributed directly to the intellectual consumer. The design amalgamates the script element with the storyboard element bounded as a literary work called a filmlit. The design is patented and requires licensing for lawful usage in producing scripts through this exclusive publication. FilmLit™ is the only publication on the planet empowered to use this brand and design.

FilmLit™ embraces scribes, image artists, expressionists, and producers whom are blazing the trail to establish the pioneer community of the filmlit initiative. Explore the FilmLit™ web-space to discover your place within this newly realized, theatrical realm. Targeted fields will serve as a guide for industry professionals to determine suitable courses. Script submissions for licensing approval and memberships to the FilmLit™ pioneer community are readily extended. Come well to the FilmLit™ experience!