Open Gates! thru the back…

Now this surprise actually did not come as a surprise but it was surprising.  It’s like knowing something is going to be good but you don’t know how good its going to be, and its how good it was that surprised you.  Not that it was good, you knew it would be good, but that damn good!  That’s what a filmlit feels like 🙂


“Filmlit” in this case meaning the sign over the open gates.  The first time I ever stepped on the television production set of a show I would watch on t.v. was most disappointing.  It was literally only a front. Stairs that went up and led to nothing.  Doors in the house that open to a crew member with a walkie and doughnut.  Characters memorizing lines and manufacturing emotion. An absolute total farce, substance-less, and of course we knew this going in, but to experience it makes it hardly possible for you to continue enjoying the show as you once did in your state of volunteer ignorance.  As for me, working in the industry on vast productions, it made it hardly possible for me to enjoy any sht that comes from this toilet.  ‘Cuz who wants sht from a toilet anyway?!  Well…actually the ones who don’t know it’s sht.  Long story short, I gladly went to the back of this line.

That line to break into Hollywood is looooonnng as hell!  It took me eight years to get to the back of this damn line from where I was.  After all, I’d been in the Screen Actors Guild since 9 years young.  On the way to the back, I wondered if it would be quicker to just get back in where I was and go thru the door.  Truth is, I made it to a few Hollywood doors and opted to get into another line after peeking in.  Wasn’t feeln the crowd you know.  So, I finally make it to the back, mind you the only one I know headed in this direction while all my people lookn at me like I’ve been exiled, to discover that the gates are wide open in the back.

Letting myself right on in, I find all of the motion picture industry holding up the Hollywood front wall for dear life, clutching stilts, bracing each other, standing on shoulders, leg pressing the wall from backs, desperately trying to keep from being crushed as it comes down.  Caught up in pure awe staring at the circus, I wonder if the industry fears more being crushed by the front or the reaction of that amassed crowd out front believing that there’s something of substance or value in here…because there is!  They take no notice of me as there visibility would be obstructed from mounds of scripts never to be produced, probably never read, collecting dust or waiting to be burned but a treasure chest from the perspective of filmlit producers at the least.  A catalogue of completed scripts, half of the production process of creating filmlits already done.  It is indeed true that the line to mock the living, to imitate life, to live in an illusion wraps around the world; but the gates for those whom choose the course of the organic theatrical expression are WIDE OPEN!