Show Your Art

FilmLit invites visionaries whom are riding the shift into the new paradigm to network and be constructive with and amongst one another producing filmlits!  Our membership community consists of writers, xpressionists, image artists, and producers searching for each other to work on ideal projects for their respective genres.  Forums will serve as platforms to critique projects, collaborate on projects, or simply discuss the news around the industry.

The Filmlit Community offers three grades of membership.

GOLD! Free Membership

Gold Members are encouraged to create profile pages, link social media, network for collaboration projects, and be kept abreast of recent filmlit releases, upcoming releases, and special events! Members will have access to private videos from the Kushyte community.

Just click the Enrollment tab under ‘Pioneer Access’…

PLATINUM! Membership

Platinum Members delight in the networking extended through the GOLD membership plus participate in forums, submit work specs to project listings, and post on project listings!


Black Diamond Members benefit from the access extended through the PLATINUM membership in addition to inclusive script submissions for FilmLit™ licensing consideration!

Black Diamond members may submit for licensing approval either two prospective short filmlit scripts or one prospective feature filmlit script per month having fulfilled the donation criteria through membership.