Script’s out the bag!


Would you concede to evolution if your career as a writer depended on it?!…because it does.  When Hollywood had the intellectual held hostage by the fool you may have had a chance at earning a check writing about how things used to be, but now-a-days you betta tell it like it is to make it.  Script’s out the bag.

Dr. Aric Sigman, UK renown psychologist suggests that “the medium of television brainwashes you…”, and our brain’s most sophisticated control system, responsible for organizing, planning, and sequencing behavior for self-control, moral judgement and attention is completely subdued when watching television.  Now, if one had a scheme to manipulate mass populations, disrupt their natural order and plans while fostering immoral rogue behavior, then the television may be a most resourceful medium through which they could impose the wicked will.  William James, Harvard psychologist, suggests that reading represents a sequence of successive efforts to attend, also called thinking and learning, while the viewing of such mediums as television require no effort because it trades for the intellectual work with the audience whom sits comfortably and takes it.  Reactive.

Stowing away the organic script composition to exclusively deliver a series of interpretations dictates the relationship between the creator of the work and the consumer.  That’s to say the least.  What it really does is manifest a toxic medium attacking the function of the brain as a toll for those whom choose to travel, thru which it delivers poisonous consumable content.  The antidote glows with simplicity once coming to terms with this plague, countering with audacious intellectual action against artificial intelligence and their masters proves to be an effective recourse.  Filmlit snatches the script out the bag to display before the world on a global platform to initiate the work of remedy.  Is what it is.

The new question then becomes who benefits from the lack of proper brain function among the masses?  Well, the easy ones will suffice to name in this case being insurance industry, pharmaceutical industry, judicial industry, corporate slave-trade, advertisement industry, alcohol industry, tobacco industry, professional sports industry, entertainment industry, educational industry, and above all, the RELIGIOUS INDUSTRY!  With that in mind, the aforementioned industries’ investment in the television medium is warranted to achieve true accomplishment thru the fulfillment of the indoctrination of the masses.  Once these industries have conditioned the consumer to be susceptible to the slightest suggestion thru the most compromising medium, they become rich beyond dreams due to the obedience of its digitally conceived slaves.

Word to the wise…if your information is delivered thru television, shoot the messenger!