The Script Lifeline

FilmLit™ naturally came into fruition from the will of a writer. A scribe exploring unchartered courses to deliver a word and message to the masses, and so, the filmlit medium was discovered. FilmLit™ humbly serves as the stewards of this medium to preserve the integrity and morality of the content dispersed from the filmlit platform. Writers are encouraged to realize a shift in paradigm where the script has been extended a lifeline to be monetized as a filmlit. A submission process is required to screen the content in order to preserve the FilmLit™ reputation.

A team of readers critiques all script submissions for licensing consideration. Script submissions are accepted with a minimum donation to the read team predicated upon the length of the script being considered. FilmLit community membership for writers connects the scribe with photographers and graphic artists for custom still image pages, connects the scribe with the expressionists hoping to be featured in a filmlit, and connects the scribe with the producer searching for prospective projects to produce into filmlits.

sw plight

Submission donation minimums:

$50 ~ Short Filmlit (30-89 pages)

$80 ~ Feature Filmlit (90-210 pages)