The GOD Prjct

RHETORIC!  Rhetoric describes the cancer that plagues the celestial body of hueman revolutionaries.  GOD is the cure.

A dose of GOD to restore the huemanity, logic, rationale, and order to the image will distinctly identify the core unit of intellectuals whom are here to serve as the warriors, architects, engineers, healers, producers, and educators throughout the ushering in of Heaven upon the earth in this time.

The GOD Project intends to raise awareness among the hueman family regarding this evolved, privately-owned, theatrical publication while establishing the pool of capital reserves from which urban businesses are granted funding. The Filmlit Mission with ANKH Ministry will be financing the construction of Academic Centers of Organic Life Scholarship for the urban youth.

We are erecting single-family dormitories on campus to ensure wholistic, intellectual growth from child to parent. All family members engaged as pupils in this work will benefit from this revolutionary initiative tuition-free.

A donation of $44 to The GOD Project will be honored by gifting the premiere filmlit release entitled GOD.


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