CTE: The Disease With A Thousand Faces but One Cure…YOU!

By: Shaun Chappell.


“God did not intend for us to play football”, is the single most resonating line for the author of this article when viewing the film, Concussion. It is unequivocal guilt for the abuse my chosen line of work subjected the sacred body to while journeying thru the human experience that causes those quoted words to echo in mind. The author found mercy through repentance and recourse obstructing the inimical consequences for such neglect for the greatest technology in the galaxy, the human brain. I played football for ten years from 11 years young to 21, sustained five recorded concussions out of approximately 30% of football concussions recorded leaving 70% undiagnosed, and maintained a high animal protein and high dairy diet including fast food meals as a primary source of consumption. If not for enlightenment in the way of the organic course, the suffering for such atrocities and contempt for the body would have been immense. The question then becomes, who are the beneficiaries of such great suffering by those whom do not discover the way in time?

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The world’s richest sports league, the NFL, brought in $12 billion in revenue closing out the 2014-15 football season. It is worth noting that concluding 2014, the top 15 pharmaceutical companies generated sales of nearly $527 billion. Networks make anywhere from $2-5 million per college game, and the Super Bowl starts selling ads at 4.5 million. The author is compelled to do the work that most athletes are reluctant to consider in the examination of the relationships between the fan, the player, the game, and the God. While sources are named in abundance throughout the work, the author testimonial shall also suffice to the facts of the matter bred like most urban youth, to play football in the National Football League. Contemporary science is consistently bringing forth the evidence that to play football is to play with one’s life, and that dark cloud formally recognized as chronic traumatic encephalopathy manifests as the grim reaper itself. When it comes for a soul its trail is distinct, and its signature unparalleled as to no question the assassin in this heinous crime against a once good man, who lost his mind. The world must face that one can go out of their mind to death. The people of the earth are bearing witness to the truth one can deteriorate the brain to death, and so be no more. Conspiracy is the first symptom of those whom choose to not think on the issue, and electing for atrophy of the brain. Remedy against atrophy of the brain is to think, and so it is appropriate for the author to reflect on experiences that would have given rise to the phenomenon of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, but first, what is CTE?

The Concussion Legacy Foundation reports, “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) is a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes, military veterans, and others with a history of repetitive brain trauma. Brain trauma can cause a build-up of an abnormal type of protein called tau, which slowly kills brain cells.” The report goes on to suggest that CTE can only be diagnosed after death by brain tissue analysis, as to date, 87 of 91 former NFL players whose brains were examined post-mortem have been diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Initially only considered “punch drunk syndrome” experienced by boxers, 75 years passed until Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Pittsburgh pathologist, published an article expounding on the cause of death of former NFL player, Mike Webster, whom played for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and would serve as the first evidence of the infamous chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The effects of the publication would spawn the biggest controversy in professional, and the author thinks will serve as the demise of the National Football League. The collapse of football would have catastrophic effects in nearly every aspect of American life, and so the reality of the presence of CTE directly linked to the sport means all out warfare between those who play by the game’s rules and those who play by God’s rules.

The actual disease is characterized by the continuous misfolding and shape shifting of the tau protein, which is critical in the brain for stability and support of brain cell structures especially the internal transport system of the cell. Distinguished from any other diagnosed brain disease, the misfolding creates tau tangles that originally appears in the valleys of the cortical folds of the brain, and then incessantly spreads to the other regions of the brain like a cobweb until late stages when the whole of the brain has been overwhelmed with tangles. It would be impossible for anyone suffering from CTE to think straight under these conditions. An element that makes this grim reaper such an obscure force to be reckoned with is the fact that symptoms of CTE generally begin 8-10 years after experiencing repetitive mild traumatic brain injury. From the first stage thru the fourth, victims suffer deterioration in attention, disorientation, dizziness, headaches, progressive deterioration, memory loss, social instability, erratic behavior, poor judgment, progressive dementia, impeded speech, tremors, vertigo, deafness, suicidality, night terrors, and more. The author observes, with symptoms as prominent as those associated with CTE, how can the disease only be recognized via post-mortem procedure with so many football players alive today.

It is noted that Tyler Sash of the New York Giants died at the age of 27 in September 2015 by medicinal overdose, who’s mother claim to have witnessed “irregular behavior and periods of confusion and memory loss”, reported by The Kansas City Star. The following lists several examples out of 818 NFL player arrest records from 2000 to 2016, that decisively links the nature of the arrest with a characteristic or symptom of CTE:

  • January 24th 2000, Rod Smith of the Denver Broncos is arrested for allegedly choking, beating, and shoving his common-law wife.
  • January 31st 2000, Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens is charged with murder in the stabbing deaths of two men.
  • May 14th 2001, Jeremiah Parker of the New York Giants is charged with manslaughter and child abuse after the death of his four year old son.
  • May 23rd 2001, Victor Riley of the Kansas City Chiefs is arrested for allegedly ramming his vehicle into another vehicle occupied by his wife and daughter.
  • July 13th 2001, Aaron Gibson of the Detroit Lions pleads guilty to hitting a woman on the buttocks and spitting in her face.
  • October 21st 2002, Cosey Coleman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is arrested for allegedly slapping and dragging his girlfriend outside day-care center.
  • January 14th 2003, Dwayne Goodrich of the Dallas Cowboys is charged and convicted of manslaughter when killing two people in hit-and-run accident while speeding.
  • May 31st 2003, Michael Pittman of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pleads guilty for domestic violence when he rammed his Hummer into his wife’s Mercedes carrying his two year old child and babysitter.
  • July 4th 2003, Dwayne Carswell of the Denver Broncos pleads guilty for domestic violence after allegedly choking and biting his girlfriend outside a nightclub.
  • January 1st 2005, Willie Middlebrooks of the Denver Broncos pleads guilty for domestic violence after allegedly beating and choking his girlfriend.
  • August 12th 2006, Randy Starks of the Tennessee Titans surrendered to charges of allegedly beating his fiancée.
  • March 29th 2007, Lionel Gates of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is arrested for allegedly hitting a pregnant woman in dispute over whom was the father of the child.
  • October 4th 2007, Najeh Davenport of the Pittsburgh Steelers is arrested for allegedly slapping and choking the mother of his five year old son, and charged with child endangerment.
  • October 23rd 2007, Claude Terrell of the Saint Louis Rams pleads guilty for domestic violence when charged with assaulting his wife at a hotel whom showed “obvious signs of physical injury.”
  • March 19th 2008, Cedric Wilson of the Pittsburgh Steelers is arrested for allegedly punching his ex-girlfriend in the face at a restaurant.
  • April 21st 2008, Rocky Bernard of the Seattle Seahawks is arrested for allegedly hitting his girlfriend in the head at a nightclub.
  • May 20th 2008, Charles Grant of the New Orleans Saints is one of several men indicted on manslaughter in the shooting death of an innocent pregnant woman whom was a bystander.
  • June 30th 2008, Willie Andrews of the New England Patriots is arrested for allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend’s head.
  • April 1st 2009, Donté Stallworth of the Cleveland Browns is arrested and pleaded guilty to DUI and manslaughter when striking and killing a pedestrian with his car in Miami, and a blood-alcohol content level measuring .126.
  • May 26th 2009, Quinn Ojinnaka of the Atlanta Falcons is arrested for domestic violence after allegedly tossing his wife down the stairs and throwing her out of the house.
  • January 1st 2010, Jermaine Phillips of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is arrested for domestic violence charged with third-degree felony domestic battery for allegedly strangling his wife in their home.
  • November 25th 2011, Erik Walden of the Green Bay Packers is arrested and jailed for domestic violence after filed complaint of felony assault against live-in girlfriend.
  • February 26th 2012, Jarriel King of the Seattle Seahawks is arrested and charged with having forcible sex with woman in South Carolina who claims to have been intoxicated.
  • October 31st 2012, Bryan Thomas of the New York Jets is arrested and charged with assault on his wife in their home when allegedly punching her in the stomach.
  • December 1st 2012, Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs becomes a murderer when shooting his girlfriend ten times, then drives to team facility where he fatally shoots himself in the head.
  • June 26th 2013, Aaron Hernandez of the New England Patriots is convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison in the death of former friend, Odin Lloyd.
  • February 15th 2014, Ray Rice of the Baltimore Ravens is arrested and captured on video striking his wife repeatedly in the head rendering her unconscious inside an Atlantic City casino elevator. Rice proceeded to barbarically drags the limp body of his wife from the elevator.
  • March 23rd and 24th 2015, Darren Sharper of the New Orleans Saints pleads guilty to sexual abuse and rape charges.
  • February 5th 2016, Montee Ball of the New England Patriots is charged with domestic violence for allegedly striking his girlfriend in the face.

It is due to these blatant acts of violence, demonstrations of the lack of self-control, disregard for logical, rational, and civil response, and dissociation from the organic relationship with the human family that gives cause for the author to contend against the notion that chronic traumatic encephalopathy can only be discovered by diagnosis of the brain after death. Such an implication wholly undermines cognitive and psychological science and reasoning that yields irrefutable evidence that the common player begins to suffer from this obtrusive disease long before hopes of a professional career are even feasible. Perhaps doctors should consider the condition of the living mind in action opposed to the dead brain of the deceased revealing not just a condition of how the patient chose to be while here on the earth, but ultimately how the patient chose to think while here on the earth. It is therefore conclusive, that the effects of chronic traumatic encephalopathy actually manufactures a better football player but a worse human being, and big companies gain big profits while intimate families suffer great losses in this perilous relationship between the football player and the man.


Tuned into enough understanding of self to diagnose myself with CTE prior to knowing the disease even existed is the cause for the author’s availability and insight to deliver this article. Back then to the author, CTE was called, “Something’s wrong.” Senior year 2000 football season, this one particular game my responsibility was to take out the pulling guard every play he pulled. I was coached to use my left shoulder to deliver the blow to the most powerful part of his body, his upper leg. Outweighing me by over a hundred pounds fueled my relentless effort to effectively strike the targeted area as coached play after play. The injury sustained to my shoulder would last the remainder of my football career and nine years post-football until discovering alternative healing thru my availability for a revolution. The shoulder injury would also serve as cause for my first cortisone shot, a steroid. The path to the most abused drug family by the sports industry seems quite innocent, or simply, just part of the game. I took it as part of the game, continuing to play an additional four more years on the collegiate level attending Morgan State University on full-athletic scholarship. It was the mental abuse and violent responses against coaches that ultimately ended my football career, and saved my life. The Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, and other professional teams had already begun to show interest and initiated correspondence. Subjected to violent circumstances as a child, primed the mental frame to contrive a great football player that would only require the compliment of an extraordinary physical framework easily manufactured through processed foods infused with hormones. I, like every football player, can be considered to some degree a form of Frankenstein’s monster.

Honesty is the foundational element to resolve the crisis behind chronic traumatic encephalopathy. 18 years young, a true freshman in college, I recall my first concussion of the season as it happened, because I knew something about what I was doing was absolutely wrong. As I sprinted full speed across the field to consciously use the left temple region of my head to target my opponent’s clavicle and lower chin, an actual occasion presented itself where I would have time to consider the effects of the impact I was planning to initiate. Deciding to utilize the space to gauge the consequences yielded no different result from the initial choice to deliver the hit, however admittedly, concluding that brief moment of consideration prior to impact, it was known that the effect of the action would not be neither positive nor beneficial to my health neither this player whom I have chosen to attack in this staged war on this staged and regulated battlefield. To consciously decide to utilize one’s physical brain as a weapon to attack a brother’s physical brain serves as indisputable evidence that chronic traumatic encephalopathy can be detected while alive by virtue of that decision being the first explicit symptom of the disease. In other words, one must already be going out of their mind to first perceive an actual brother as an enemy because he dresses in different colors, as we are beyond just playing a game at this point, and to use the most precious organ as the spearhead demonstrates total disregard for anatomy, health, and overall well being. The infamous popular hits characterizing the sport evinces blatant neglect for the condition of the physical body in every aspect of the game from the weight room to the field, and on every level from pop warner to the National Football League.


The blind could sit within the stadium of a professional, collegiate, high school, or even pop warner football game and wholly determine that the sport is of a most violent nature. Now, add sight to the experience of the game, and suddenly the sport is pure entertainment, must have something to do with the visual medium that will be examined later. Violence must be entertaining to the eyes of the masses whom must be blinded in other critical capacities for failing to determine as the blind of sight at the game, football is an exhibition of utter violent acts toward the body, and so a violent history would compliment the breeding of players of the sport. The Chicago Tribune reports, “It is no secret that poor African-American communities are hotbeds for athletic talent.” Another article by the Chicago Tribune reports, “Chicago had the most homicides of all U.S. cities in 2015, its worst year since 2012, when about 500 people were killed.” The news source also points out that nearly 70% of NFL roster spots are claimed by African-Americans. Surely, a historical reference would suffice to more efficiently comprehend the nature of this sport in present time.

Gladiators were armed combatants who would entertain audiences in violent confrontations with other gladiators, beasts, and condemned men. They fought in the center of an arena headlining the event known as the gladiator games, and most gladiators were “despised as slaves, schooled under harsh conditions, socially marginalized, and segregated even in death”, as Wikipedia describes. Every American has bore witness to circumstances and conditions that would prime African-American males in particular to be fierce gladiators in the NFL arena. The suggestion is not that the NFL is conceptually racist, but that the violent nature of a manufactured society fuels the effort to excel in a violent sport that causes head traumas to be sustained crippling the player to the vulnerable condition for chronic traumatic encephalopathy to initiate in the brain, which then triggers more violent suggestions symptomatically as a consequence of the disease, which could then produce a better football player or gladiator once the energy from the symptomatic rage is transferred to the battlefield. After all is said and done, upon retirement the channel for such release is closed, and slowly but surely an implosion transpires that consumes the gladiator from inside the head until his violent death. The alternative to this vicious cycle is to establish a post-traumatic regimen that counters the degenerative effects of the game on the brain, which ultimately means deploying one’s god to intervene to lead the retired athlete in a virtually inverse lifestyle than that of the professional player.

“The game is so much a part of who I am, so I can’t give up a big part of me. I just hope the game doesn’t one day take away a big part of me.”           ~Brandon Marshall  Denver Broncos/Linebacker

The Kansas City Star 


It is noted that the prevalence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the NFL is critical, but must also be observed are those whom played the game and apparently live perfectly normal and healthy lives even in retirement. The scientific nature of the author wills to examine the balance or imbalance of the player prone to CTE. It surely doesn’t seem as if those big, country, homegrown boys have much of an issue with CTE, so how susceptible are the ones whom are not in as much control over their consumption. Football players have increasingly become bigger, faster, and stronger since the official inception of the sport, but how natural is the consumption regime for the body that most of these supreme athletes adopt. Improper intake is a direct link to the degree of stress introduced to the organs of the body. The New York Times reports, “Various studies indicate that current N.F.L. players are at a greater risk than the general population for high blood pressure and that retired players are more prone to obesity, sleep apnea and metabolic syndrome: conditions like elevated blood pressure, insulin and cholesterol levels and excessive body fat around the waist that together heighten the risk for heart disease, stroke and diabetes.” Simply expressed, when there is only one 300-pound NFL player in 1970, and 532 players entering training camp in 2010 that weigh in excess of 300 pounds, the consequences of the phenomenon must be observed. ESPN reports on the following statistics in an article, Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50:

  • One of every 69 players born since 1955 is deceased.
  • Twenty-two percent of deceased players since 1955 died of heart diseases, and nineteen percent died from homicides or suicides.
  • Fifty-six percent of all players on the NFL rosters are categorized as obese.
  • The average weight in the NFL has grown by ten percent since 1985.

The weight gain phenomenon is no coincidence, and to lay things out plainly, a glance at the New York Times literary work, Fast Food Nation The Dark Side of the All-American Meal, is appropriate to reflect on for this study. The article reads, “In 1970, Americans spent about $6 billion on fast food; in 2000, they spent more than $110 billion. Americans now spend more money on fast food than on higher education, personal computers, computer software, or new cars…on movies, books, magazines, videos, and recorded music – combined.” The priority of the spending for the American proves that the cultural is wired to work to consume itself to death. The article continues to state, “A generation ago, three-quarters of the money used to buy food in the United States was spent to prepare meals at home. Today about half of the money used to buy food is spent at restaurants – mainly at fast food restaurants.”

Now, let’s deal with the repercussions by further understanding the causes of the repercussions we are dealing with. Recalling a recent article from, the author details when in 1993, the Food and Drug Administration approved the usage of the recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), a synthetic cow hormone that spurs milk production when injected into dairy cows. The article continues on to expound how ranchers would fatten up cattle with an implant in the ear of estradiol, a form of estrogen, in combination with five other hormones. Planet Naturopath compliments the understanding of the causes of hormonal imbalances in men focusing on the primary culprits stress, diets high in refined carbohydrates, excess weight, excessive exercise drops testosterone increasing estrogen, and excess alcohol. The excess weight gain in the NFL has been explored, excessive exercise is apparent, cases of alcohol abuse amongst the league are innumerable, and obviously the participation in the actual sport from player to coach to fan creates an unfathomable degree of unnatural stresses on the body from physical to mental to emotional exhaustion. In males, adrenal fatigue is particularly noted to up regulate an enzyme called aromatase leading to low testosterone and high estrogen priming the athlete for the annexation of CTE.


The pathology to CTE still reluctantly under discovery is a critical one when deducing the earliest stages, signs, symptoms, and causes of chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Reduction in brain mass associated with atrophy of the frontal and temporal cortices and medial temporal lobe describe physical manifestations of CTE kicking in. Professor Herbert Krugman of Columbia University found that within 30 seconds of turning on the television, our brains become neurologically incapacitated to progressively deduce what we are seeing and hearing when engaged through the medium. Dr. Aric Sigman is quoted making the claim, “the medium of television brainwashes you…the changes in brain function and thought process brought about by the medium of the screen alone allows the content of television to have a far greater impact on the mind.” Dr. Aric Sigman explicates in his book, Remotely Controlled: How Television is Damaging Our Lives, how the frontal lobe – our brain’s most sophisticated control system, responsible for organizing, planning and sequencing behavior for self-control, moral judgment and attention – is completely subdued when watching television. With generally understanding of this relatively new medium engaging the human population, it is worth the analytical study to determine the role of the medium in producing the fan and the player.

The aforementioned scientists brought forth evidence to consider the adverse effects of the television medium, so who gains from this platform. It is noted that the studies have proven too much activity in the lower brain region endured from television, like CTE, leads to atrophy in the higher brain regions. Therefore, the athlete already suffering from cerebral atrophy from television consumption is exceptionally vulnerable to the ramifications of CTE. Professor Krugman advances in his research to determine and prove that television neutralizes the left cerebral hemisphere shifting all cognitive work to the right hemisphere, which then treats incoming data uncritically and indecisively leading to manipulated emotional responses rather than intelligent responses. Psychophysiologist Thomas Mulholland implies in his research that watching television is neurologically analogous to staring at a blank wall. Researcher, Jacob Jacoby, tested 2,700 people to ascertain that 90% of the viewers misunderstood what they watched on television only minutes before. Again, it is no coincidence that world’s richest sports league in addition to nearly every sports league utilizing the medium to broadcast the games, the networks unquestionably profit from extending the channeling technology, and above all, the pharmaceutical industry making a buck off virtually every pair of eyes that ever fix on the screen. The notion of conspiracy is frivolous when relating the will to subject oneself to such catastrophic play with the medium that introduced the suggestion of subjecting oneself to the extreme circumstances as realized in football. The extreme circumstances are not limited to the scope of game play, but the vigorous training in the weight room, two-a-day camps in the blistering heat, hours of mental consumption from game film study, and reckless diet to build mass significantly contribute to unfavorable conditions.

Coming half circle, the conclusion to the point depicts a foreign medium to the human species engaging the people in such a particular way as to interrupt and even obstruct the organic brain function causing the viewer to be more susceptible to subtle or subconscious suggestions that would foster propitious results for those invested in the medium. The television medium therefore is essential in the recruitment of players whom grow up watching television shows about football, movies about football, live broadcasts of the games, and lots and lots of fancy highlights. The more a young American male watches football, the more he wills to play, and because the information about the sport is filtered thru the television medium, the brains of the young male and the parents are too compromised to determine that playing football is a bad idea. The television medium is essential in the manufacturing of the fan whom opts out of the physical stress to compete, but opts in for the physical stress to spectate. The average fan eats about as poor as the athlete, but just can’t afford as much. The emotional toll from wins and losses creates hormonal imbalance within the endocrine system. The emotional toll from play-by-play can promote internal discord amongst all viewers on and off the field due to the triggering of adrenaline spurts and unnatural hormonal releases in response to the sports action. Most folks thinking they’re just watching a game, while the body is having an entirely different experience. Visual consumption of sports does indeed impact the viewer, as the viewing is characterized by inertia of the fan. The Chicago Tribune covered the drunk fan, in an article suggesting that one in twelve pro sports fans leave the game drunk. The author does not deem it necessary to delve further into abysmal American customs, as the world knows professional sports are traditionally branded to attract those whom enjoy indulging in horrific foods, tobacco, and alcohol.


Instead of watching what we eat, maybe we should consider watching what we watch and see how that goes… The Journal of Cognitive Liberties reads, “Television is an addictive opiate, and one of the most potent mind control devices ever produced.” Any truth in the foregoing quote, and one discovers the ideal medium to program, manufacture, fabricate, or create football players, actors, models, politicians, citizens, or just about anything that can be acted out by a human irrespective of rumination to consciously discern actual effects or results from the chosen path; and it all comes down to drugs, as television is indeed a drug prompting the release of endorphins called opioid peptides. It is critical in this study to deduce the similarities between the prospective athlete with CTE and addictive personalities as characterized by, and CTE symptoms as described by the Mayo Clinic.

High degree of tolerance for criminal behavior Difficulty thinking (cognitive impairment)
Prone to act impulsively Impulsive behavior
Periods of depression Depression or apathy
Antisocial behavior Aggression
History of attention seeking Difficulty fulfilling tasks (executive function)
Low self-esteem and confidence Suicidal thoughts or behavior
An admiration for rebellious behavior Substance abuse
Feels like an outsider Short-term memory loss
Insecurity in relationships Emotional instability
Anxiety Irritability
They find it hard to wait for rewards Speech and language difficulties

The author, a former football player of eleven years attests to experiencing nine of the eleven listed addictive character traits throughout the whole of my twenties, while unbeknownst, warring against the effects of CTE the entire time.

The scientific evidence examined thus far allows for one to quite easily discern how the medium of television effortlessly programs one into an athlete, a fan, and more often both, while diminishing the brain organ to the extent of being wholly consumed by chronic traumatic encephalopathy. With the foregoing conclusion in mind, the television medium serves as the supreme platform to advertise drugs. Using a drug to sell drugs. The Washington Post reports, “Drug companies are bombarding your TV with more ads than ever”, stating that in 2014, $4.5 billion was spent my drug companies in marketing. With the same medium utilized to indoctrinate the human into being a gladiator, concomitantly the fan is indoctrinated to cheer on the barbarism, indulge in alcohol, indulge in malign foods, and pop pills to get thru the day while wrestling with the stress from the action of the games. Hell, hell, and more hell, all’s hell that ends hell. ESPN reports on drug abuse in the league, “Retired NFL players misuse opioid pain medications at a rate more than four times that of the general population, and new evidence suggests that is occurring because players misused the painkillers during their NFL careers…” Dr. Eric Strain, Drug and Alcohol Dependence editor-in-chief and director of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the John Hopkins Center for Substance Abuse Treatment and Research expressed this quote regarding the research, “I think it brings together two topic areas that carry a lot of weight in our culture today, that is sports and drug abuse.”

The thing is, as harmless as it may sound, when one is shoving all kinds of artificial sweet absolutely nothing good for the body down the throat, while an incalculable amount of suggestions are being downloaded into the brain to be collected and stored on the subconscious level, while entertained by violent athletic engagement amidst an arena, the body experiences an enormous amount of stress for all involved parties. Adrenaline is a hormone also called epinephrine that secretes into the blood stream during suspected fight-or-flight situations triggering blood vessels to contract to re-direct blood toward major muscle groups, including the heart and lungs, and can be damaging to health from over exposure. To stare at a television crippled in capacity to distinguish reality from the screen, the viewer often puts the body thru an emotional roller coaster reacting and responding to hundreds of thousands of visual stimuli a minute. The stress from the content on the screen constantly triggers adrenaline in the body to be released feeling as if there is an emergency. It is the equivalent to the fire alarm and sprinklers going off in your house every five minutes. The devices are not designed to be used in that way and will cause malfunction when misused.

The constant misfiring or misuse of the body’s emergency system depletes the energy reserve for the defenses of the body. A depleted defense is what is called adrenaline fatigue or adrenal insufficiency. A thinking man must conclusively deduce that watching television exhausts the energy required to be a natural human. The remedy to chronic traumatic encephalopathy must be alternative, it must be revolutionary, it must be evolutionary, it must be organic, and it must be a lifestyle as the manifestation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy was spawned from a particular type of lifestyle. Every external treatment for this brain disease is delivered in a form that fosters the disease. It goes undetected consuming millions of lives by many other names all because the people refuse to look inside themselves for their own resolve, for their own cure. The remedy to chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a mental feat, and the author of this article reigns unequivocally victorious.


Now coming full circle, the brain must be forced to function in a capacity that will cause it to regenerate itself back into the optimal organ it is by design. The proper functioning of the brain serves as the alternative remedy to CTE, which presently lacks a remedy since it has been determined so far the disease can only be discovered and diagnosed post-mortem. The absurd notion suggests waiting until you die to repress chronic traumatic encephalopathy, while until the point of death one has been suffering from the symptoms for decades. The point is made clear; the work the mind chooses for the brain to fulfill will dictate the condition of the brain and consequently the rest of the body. Thy will be done. First, have a will for the condition of your body. Fooled by society’s preferred medium, the below image reflects the author’s body prior to the body building work needed to be done. The layman would assume good health taught to observe the mundane, physical, material features that only suffice to disguise the actual condition. To reiterate, HONESTY is the initial step in battling CTE, as only the patient under attack realizes the civil war transpiring in the brain. The author found a combination of undeviating yoga practice in combination with a vegan live-it, utilization of cannabinoids, and entertainment thru the filmlit™ technology medium aggressively and intuitively confronts, challenges, and essentially thwarts the role, effects, and perpetuation of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brain.


As the yoga remedy is observed it is key to always keep in mind the targeted symptoms of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, as one must attack the symptom opposed to a disease that has yet to officially be diagnosed antecedent to post-mortem. Prevention is the divine course and remedy for optimal health and true wealth. Cures thru yoga encompass addressing and dealing with depression, overeating, memory loss, and schizophrenia. details specific statistics that substantiate the effectiveness of a yoga remedy course. Targeting depression, symptoms dropped an average of 20% amongst 69 elderly adults after three months of yoga, dropped 40% after six months of weekly practice, and proved more efficacious among a group of 60 adults battling against alcoholism. Targeting poor dietary consumption, practicing yoga has reportedly caused binge eating to drop 50% amongst a group of 90 women deemed overweight or obese concluding twelve weeks of the alternative exercise. Targeting memory loss, scores improved in categories testing short-term memory, concentration, and multi-tasking amongst 30 adults practicing yoga for eight weeks.

Schizophrenia is a word that terrifies the layman. The disease is the evidence that anyone can drift so far out of their mind unknowingly and unwillingly to the extent that no one around the afflicted mind recognizes their reality, and the one afflicted has little to no recognition of the actual reality around them. Schizophrenia is defined by the National Institute of Mental Health, as “a chronic and severe mental disorder that affects how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. People with schizophrenia may seem like they have lost touch with reality.” The organization lists symptoms of schizophrenia to be hallucinations, delusions, thought disorders (unusual or dysfunctional ways of thinking), movement disorders (agitated body movements), reduced feelings of pleasure in everyday life, difficulty beginning and sustaining activities, reduced speaking, poor “executive functioning” (the ability to understand information and use it to make decisions), trouble focusing or paying attention, and problems with “working memory”. The author finds the parallels between the noted symptoms of CTE and the symptoms of schizophrenia to be astounding. reports that after two months of weekly yoga practice, 18 adults suffering from schizophrenia found themselves able to reduce aggression, improve willingness to consider medications (more drugs not necessarily a good thing), and 30% relief from the symptoms of the cerebral and cognitive disorder.

As a football player, the obsession was for anyone to look at me and know I was a football player even off the field, and most people did. The author recalls the question from strangers in grocery stores, malls, parks, anywhere asking, “Who do you play for?” The smile would be instant and contagious just from that simple inquiry. It would be this precise flattery that had to be overcome to embrace the true healing, which practically means trading my bulky, thick football body for a lean, toned yoga temple. compares, “Weight training and cardiovascular activity such as running tightens and shortens the muscles while yoga lengthens and builds functional strength. It teaches you how to use this strength effectively so you develop muscles that not only look good in the gym but are also useable in the real world.” After four straight years as a yoga practitioner, the author wholly agrees with the foregoing statement. Pertaining to the direct confrontation with chronic traumatic encephalopathy, the expounds on how practicing yoga “develops strength and endurance, enhances your focus, improves your balance and increases your performance in every aspect of your life. It works the whole body synergistically, working every joint, muscle and fibre improving all of your body’s functions. Yoga is the best medicine for preventing injuries and aiding muscle recovery and repair. When the muscles and surrounding tissues are lengthened and relaxed during yoga asana it creates more room for blood to flow.”

Medi- is the prefix connoting middle or center, and –tate is the suffix connoting condition or state. To meditate is to achieve the condition or state of being centered, or restoring balance. Namasté.


     Filmlit is a new theatrical medium that engages audiences thru the literary expression of the film. The all day every day television and film audience is now extended the occasion to read the scripted works thru this innovative technology. A bona fide cause for Americans and the world to read again should be war against chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Thru the filmlit medium the transition from television back to the organic word will be seamless, and giving up the audiovisual programming will not be deemed a sacrifice in any intellectual, rational, or logical way. The human must return to the cerebral and cognitive effort of being the audiovisual source, and therefore assuming the seat of the vessel operator on this journey thru life.


The vegan way is the way of life for the human being combating any atrophy. The energy expended to breakdown meats and processed foods depletes the body and the immune system of the source to heal, fight, and guard against disease. The amino acids, healthy fats, plant proteins, vitamins, and minerals needed for recovery are organically supplied from the plant kingdom in abundance. The protein deficiency myth is dispelled when one considers that horses are herbivores, bulls, deer, elephants, and gorillas known for their extraordinary size and brute strength have somehow managed to acquire such a solid physique from a plant based consumption regime. The author during recovery from a decade of internal and external abuse of the mind and body actually became lighter, faster, and stronger in a discrete capacity by virtue of the cognitive effort to sustain the new discipline of voiding meat and dairy. In addition to physical regeneration, since being vegan four years the author attests to the clairvoyance from the purge of toxins to consciously be about the work to resume as the authority of the mind, and so directly confronting the diffusion of chronic traumatic encephalopathy in the brain.

Nutrition, suspension, stimulation, prevention, and resistance serve as a prescription for wealth thru health in course to achieving a restored unit. The nutritional element instantly reduces the intake of saturated fats, yet increases the intake of folate, antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin E, plant protein, and phytochemicals essential for healing the body from cancer, boosts protective enzymes, and enhances the benefits of antioxidants. Suspension from all foods, diets, cheat-days, habits, lusts, energies, and effects that foster disease and compromises the treatment is critical. The work of suspending counterproductive habits is a mental effort that is directly correlated with the healing process to restore the brain from toll of CTE. The cognitive task to resist the toxic foods trigger the neurons in the brain to establish new regime, assign new tasks, divert, redirect, and channel the energy from cravings to healthy outlets ultimately battling CTE in the cerebral process in the mental arena. Stimulation from the alternative energy source produces a higher energy, vibration, or resonance that moves as a wave throughout the body to be surfed into total restorative healing. The constant new flow of fresh blood circulation and oxygen with the energy reserved from simple digestive processing allows for a youthful, vibrant incentive to do more for the health, and one must act on that impulse to do more. Prevention comes with this consumption territory due to the nutrition, suspension, and stimulation undertakings serve as the cornerstone and stronghold against future hostiles of the body temple. Finally, the stronghold is secure in the alternative regime, but all of the toxins, pollutions, and defilements persistently wait to fight their way back in, so one must always have at the forefront the will of resistance to abuse, to misuse, to exploitation, to dependency, and above all, to excuses. The only possible flaw in the alternative resistance is an excuse not introduced in this article, and so must be fabricated from the delusions of the disease in order to sustain its existence in the brain. This is war, so win.


“War on drugs” is an incredible political slogan considering the 500+ billion dollars a year raked in by the pharmaceutical industry. The fact that the war on drugs targeted cannabis specifically is absurd and laughable considering the health benefits of the plant. The “war on drugs” in America either revealed the wholly corruptive nature of government, or exposed the utter stupidity of the establishment in its continued effort to suppress the divinity of this miracle plant. Any botanist, or scientist for that matter, can agree if one wills to manufacture a society of brainless slaves, the cannabis plant has to be made public enemy #1. That makes the rasta and the hippie spreading messages of peace and love public enemy #2 in this grand scheme of things, which means the counter remedies to that of the herb would probably promote violence and despair, the latter creating more addictive customers for big pharma. Although the American governments have made a killing, in the literal sense, racketeering and profiting from the prison slave trade built on the backs of the abundance of inmates accumulated due to harsh sentencing from this trivial war, this is not a political piece, so focus is now directed to the science away from the politics to the study of the endocannabinoid system of the human body.

Inspired to disprove the validity and frivolousness of a war against drugs that does not target the pharmaceutical industry, and in course to discovering the workings of the human brain, the targeted area of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, researchers executed a plan to radioactively tag and map precise locations of cannabinoid receptors in the brain. As reported by Martin A. Lee in The Discovery of the Endocannabinoid System, to no surprise, the map reveals the regions responsible for mental and physiological processes including the hippocampus for memory, the cerebral cortex for higher cognition, the cerebellum for motor coordination, the basal ganglia for movement, the hypothalamus for appetite, and the amygdala for emotions happen to be the most concentrated with cannabinoid receptors. These cannabinoid receptors are classified into two categories in which both are invaluable to the healing and preventative measures against chronic traumatic encephalopathy. The CB1 receptor mediates psychoactivity as a primary function, the ideal force against personality, social, and emotional disorders. The CB2 receptor, prevalent throughout the immune system, regulates immune response, and present in abundance within the gut, spleen, liver, heart, kidneys, bones, blood vessels, lymph cells, endocrine glands, and reproductive organs. The “War on drugs” manifests a global effort to usurp nature’s cure all with the pharmaceutical kill all.

In the article, Introduction to the Endocannabinoid System, Dustin Sulak writes, “The endogenous cannabinoid system…is perhaps the most important physiologic system involved in establishing and maintaining human health… In each tissue, the cannabinoid system performs different tasks, but the goal is always the same: homeostasis, the maintenance of a stable internal environment despite fluctuations in the external environment. Cannabinoids promote homeostasis at every level of biological life, from the sub-cellular, to the organism, and perhaps to the community and beyond.” In the 1950’s cannabis renamed “marijuana” in America to dissociate the plant from its medical properties known to cannabis, and associate it with its scapegoat coming up from Mexico, became officially illegal in the United States. Another phenomenon of the 1950’s was the emergence of television in nearly every home serving as the “main medium for molding public opinion.” The propaganda converted an external enemy into an internal affair, programming the mind against the will of the body, orchestrating dis-ease, and so abandoning millennia of traditional and cultural remedy that has perpetuated the evolution of human life for tens of thousands of years. Sulak’s article continues on to affirm that within the indigenous medical systems of ancient India, China, and Tibet that cannabis has been adjudged the most useful remedy to treat the widest variety of human diseases and conditions, a component of preventative healthcare, and an adaptive support in the increasingly toxic, carcinogenic environment.

In closing, as it regards the alternative remedy to chronic traumatic encephalopathy and an array of other environmentally, culturally, and professionally fabricated diseases, the author suggests you do the math, your own math, so at least the healing process initiates by virtue of that conscious work. Peace and love 🙂