FL Producers

As expected with any gold rush scenario financiers across the globe will be hunting down scripts and image artists to create interior content for filmlits. Producing filmlit projects distinguished according to its custom frame i.e. feature filmlits, short filmlits, peeklits, and psalmlits for an array of genres encompassing action, drama, romance, thriller, comedy, science fiction, history, spirituality, and education will prove to be a lucrative theatrical course for any visionary with means to invest.

Producers whom join the FilmLit membership community will have access to the multitude of scribes, image artists, and expressionists awaiting discovery and opportunity. Networking with scribes allows for producers to thoroughly follow the approval process of pending scripts. Producers will be able to scan a database of expressionists’ profiles by specific features and characteristics. Producers are especially welcomed the occasion to peruse thru the works of image artists and xpressionists in order to fulfill the work of assembling an intrinsic filmlit production unit.