The actor marries the model bringing forth to fruition this field of expression and art form that compliments the filmlit with a dose of actual life creating a dynamic and organic moment. Releasing the burden of memorizing lines, however retaining the emotional sentiment conveyed on each page, the xpressionist manifests the action of the script page as to capture the essence of the dialogue in an image. Guided in the course of action opposed to line delivery creates a tranquil production set ideal for production of filmlits of vast genres. The xpressionist is casted for their skill to connect non-verbally, beyond the words, and even beyond the model, and so with the subtle, organic energy is captured by the image artist.

Xpressionists are invited to the membership community to create profiles that may attract writers, image artists, and producers casting for approval pending filmlits. Membership enables the first class of prospective xpressionists to upload images, résumés, booking information, link social network pages, participate in forums, and plenty more. The way of the xpressionist produces the hybrid actor-model blazing the trail as the new theatrical artist for the new theatrical stage!