Bite the hand that poisons you!

Food for thought generally refers to an idea or notion delivered that gives cause for the receiver to expound on that conception in their own mind.  Giving the receiver something to think about or “chew on” sorta speak which may cause one to consider shouldn’t this happen with every exchange?  In the case of information deemed worthless by nature yet brought forth as substance by the system, would that information be recognized as a catalyst to inspire thought, or to the contrary, as some degree of candy that compromises the organic digestive process of the brain.  A prospectively worse scenario illustrates an actual toxic concoction by design to wholly disarm the brain for the sake of convenient, systematic indoctrination of the masses.  The one who has put forth the cognitive effort to perceive beyond the suggestion of “conspiracy theory” may start to feel a little bit queasy upon the realization that the sht that Hollywood puts out makes people sick!  Straight up.

Now, I got to say, if someone just fed me something and keeps feeding me more of it that makes me feel like I’m dying, I have to inquire are they just that incompetent and bad at what they do or deliberately tryna kill us.  In the case of Hollywood, I am emphatically convinced that the latter is certainly the objective.  Which means, I have just recognized or called out an enemy.  After all, how can one recognize an entity as one making efforts to poison them and not concomitantly recognize an enemy.  So, if we are not to bite the hand that feeds us, when it comes to the hand that offers poison do we bite this mf.  Food for thought.

A recent focus group held to gauge the potential effects of the filmlit on society determined that while society will appreciate the evolved platform, Hollywood is likely to take personal offense by the alien technology, after all reading and imagination is alien technology to imbeciles, and an organic contemporary feud is probable to be ignited between the two theatrical entities.  The filmlit would have it no other way!  To face the chef in the kitchen whom is responsible for sendn out that sht that I have been forced to indulge throughout my life thinking it was goodness for my soul would be divine, and prophetic.  Uninvited to impose a will, the filmlit makes its way to the kitchen.  Don’t bite the hand that feeds you references the relationship with a benefactor who loves and cares for the ones whom they service, but dealn with these fools in the kitchen concocting poisons, what shall we do?!